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The Wake of Fame Awards began in 2010, a former awards program of K38, in 2017 the Wake of Fame was adopted by the Rescue Water Craft Association as one of the non-profit programs.

The Wake of Fame Awards recognize the contributions, legends and industry leaders in the Personal Water Craft boating community. Our focus is on Personal Water Craft (PWC) and Rescue Water Craft (RWC), its history and the people who built it and became the sport, and saved lives. They defined who we are and what we do today as a boating community.


1. Legacy Award

Award for a commitment to PWC boating safety education across a large regional area that significantly reduces injuries or accidents and increases operational capabilities

2. Everyday Heroes

Award gifted to recreational enthusiast or occupational operators who perform a rescue with positive results

3. Heavy Water Award

Award gifted to occupational representative(s) using a Rescue Water Craft that saves the life of another

4. Appreciation Award

Award gifted to a industry supporters whom show integrity and respect that deserves recognition for their efforts in helping us as an organization to better serve our boating safety communities

5. Partnership Award

Award gifted to an association, federation or sponsor who supports boating safety education

6. Distinguished Athlete

Physically challenged athletes who move personal watercraft operations to its highest level (Wounded Warriors and Physically Challenged category)

7. Creative Impact Award

Free riding and styling into the history books. For those who used expression, talent and incredible skills moving a PWC beyond its flat water traction and took it to the waves, to big air and entertained possibilities. (Freestyle, Free riding Category)

8. Lifetime Achievement Award

In honor of In honor of Clayton Jacobsen for his ongoing contribution as the designer of the PWC sport and to Jettrim for their ongoing contribution to preserve the history, legacies and individuals who created the sport that we all enjoy to this day. This award is given to those individuals who paved the first generation in the 1970’s for their recognition of their impression on this amazing boating community, 1970-1980 (Industry Lifetime Achievement Award)

NOTE: The Phoenix Award is our highest designated rescue and response award for lifesaving and is not gifted annually.

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[File:[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cBW0Vr4pwE K38 K38 International PWC Awards

Wake of Fame Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WakeOfFame


Phoenix Award

1. 2011 Mr. Masayuiki Imazaki – Miyagi, Japan

2. 2015 Mr. & Mrs. Jun and Shimako Abe, Osaki-shi, Miyagi, Japan

3. 2017 Mr. Dean Marzol, Hawai'i

Distinguished Athlete

1. 2015 Ralph Veedy (Posthumous)


1. 2011 Brad Southworth – Montana, USA

2. 2015 Mr. Takahiro Yoshimura, Japan (Maris/K38 Japan)

3. 2015 Mr. Antonio Mestre, Portugal (K38 Portugal)

4. 2015 Mr. Fabio Annigoni, Italy, (K38 Italia)

5. 2015 Mr. Virgil Chambers, Pennsylvannia, USA

6. 2016 Yves Mandar, France

7. 2016 Hungtington Beach Lifeguard Department, USA

8. 2016 Ralph Campos, USA

9. 2016 Amy Green, USA/Canada

10. 2016 Gary Hart, USA

11. 2016 Ted Davis, USA

Everyday Heroes

1. 2011 Don Curry – California, USA

2. 2011 Ed Guzman – California, USA

3. 2011 Russell Ord – Margaret River, Australia

4. 2011 Matthew Krizan – California USA

5. 2014 Mr. Tetsuo Yoneda, Japan

6. 2016 NYPD Emergency Services Unit, USA

7. 2016 Jim Penny, UK

8. 2016 Dion O'Leary, Australia

9. 2016 Kole Cramer, USA

10. 2016 Alyson Grossman and Erick Ramallo

11. 2016 Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue, USA

Heavy Water

1. 2011 Doug Knutzen –Washington USA

2. 2011 Eduardo Mendez – Washington USA

3. 2011 Will Green – Washington USA

4. 2016 Morro Bay Harbor Department USA

5. 2016 Hawaiia Fire Department Ocean Safety

6. 2016 Lewis & Clark County Sheriff Office - W.E.T. & LCOA Teams, USA

7. 2016 San Diego Lifeguard Service, USA

Lifetime Achievement Award

1) 2015 Mr. Bob McCord – Oregon, USA

2) 2015 Mr. Bob Phares – California, USA (Veteran)

3) 2015 Mr. Brad Southworth – Montana, USA (Veteran)

4) 2015 Mr. Brenda Burns Chambers – California, USA

5) 2015 Mr. Cindy Lathrop – Arizona, USA (Veteran)

6) 2015 Mr. Clayton Jacobsen II – Australia (Digital Award)

7) 2015 Mr. Cliff Jones – Oregon, USA

8) 2015 Mr. Dave Sammons - USA

9) 2015 Mr. Doug Silverstein – Florida, USA

10) 2015 Mr. Ed Losinski – California, USA (Veteran)

11) 2015 Mr. Fred Tunstall – California, USA (Veteran)

12) 2015 Mr. Glenn Bothwell – California, USA

13) 2015 Mr. Jerry Richardson – California, USA

14) 2015 Mr. John Silverstein – Florida, USA

15) 2015 Mr. Larry Rippenkroeger – Arizona, USA

16) 2015 Mr. Robert Montgomery – California, USA

17) 2015 Mr. Rusty Sharman – California, USA

18) 2015 Mr. Steve Stricklin – California, USA

19) 2015 Mr. Tony Corry – California, USA

20) 2016 Mr. John Youings - Australia

21) 2016 Mr. Ron Lathrop, USA

22) 2016 Mr. & Mrs. Fred and Lee Lathrop, USA

23) 2016 Mr. Bruce Stjernstrom, USA

24) 2016 Mr. Bill Silverstein, USA

25) 2016 Mr. Brian Bendix, USA

26) 2016 Mr. Andy Evans, USA

27) 2016 Mr. Terry Beatty, USA

28) 2016 Mr. Rolf Sammons, USA

29) 2016 Mr. Randy Milligan, USA

30) 2016 Mr. Chuck Coyler, USA

31) 2016 Ms. Pam Hartman, USA

32) 2016 Mr. Billy Ray Blalock, USA

33) 2016 Mr. Mark Lauber and Mr. Chris Lauber, USA

34) 2016 Mr. Roger Hubbard, USA

35) 2016 Mr. Bill Gray, USA

36) 2016 Mr. Norm Bigelow, USA

37) 2016 Mrs. Linda Stricklin, USA

38) 2016 Mr. Rick Silverstein, USA

39) 2016 Mr. Vello Lippand, USA


1. 2015 Mr. Randy Laine, California USA (Father of Freeride)

Appreciation Award

1) 2015 Ms. Mina Desiderio, California, USA (The Local San Diego)

2) 2015 Mr. & Mrs. David & Donna Pu’u (David Pu'u Photography and Betty Belts Jewelry)

3) 2015 Phoenix Patriot Band/PPF – Mr. Tony Villegas, Mr. Darrin Isham (Phoenix Patriot Foundation)

4) 2015 Audrey Dalton-Phoenix Patriot Foundation

5) 2016 City of Morro Bay, USA

6) 2016 Morro Bay Oyster Company, USA

7) 2016 Tognazzini's Dockside, USA

Partnership Award

1) 2011 Mrs Kay Sykes (IJSBA Parade of Nations)

2) 2015 Hydro Turf, Mr. Arno Olbricht – California, USA

3) 2015 Lifesled, Mr. Gary Fisher – California, USA

4) 2015 Kawasaki Motors Corporation USA (Mr. Steve Stricklin)

5) 2015 Schulte Family Foundation – California USA (Mr. Paul Schulte)

6) 2015 Marine Sports Foundation – Mr. Yoshi Sasakawa, Tokyo Japan

7) 2016 USCG Station Morro Bay, USA

8) 2016 Morro Bay Harbor Department, USA

9) 2016 Morro Bay Fire Department, USA



Mrs. Brenda Burns Chambers

Mr. Bob Phares

Mr. Brad Southworth

Mr. Rusty Sharman

Ms. Shawn Alladio


Mrs. Brenda Burns Chambers

Mr. Bob Phares

Mr. Brad Southworth

Mr. Rusty Sharman

Ms. Shawn Alladio

Mr. John W. Youings

Mr. Rick Silverstein

Mr. Mike Yellich

Mr. Robert Montgomery


Lifetime Achievement

1. John W. Youings, Australia

2. Ron Lathrop, USA

3. Fred and Lee Lathrop, USA

4. Bruce Stjernstrom, USA

5. Bill Silverstein, USA

6. Brian Bendix, USA

7. Andy Evans, USA

8. Terry Beatty, USA

9. Rolf Sammons, USA

10. Randy Milligan, USA

11. Chuck Colyer, USA

12. Mark and Chris Lauber, USA

13. Roger Hubbard, USA

14. Bill Gray, USA

15. Norm Bigelow, USA

16. Linda Stricklin, USA

17. Rick Silverstein, USA

18. Vello Lippand, USA

19. Billy Ray Blalock, USA

20. Pam Hartman, USA

2016 Phoenix

1. Dean Marzol, Hawai'i

2016 Legacy Award

1. Mr. Yves Mandar

2. Huntington Beach City Lifeguard Department

3. Ralph Campos

4. Amy Green

5. Gary Hart

6. Ted Davis

2016 Heavy Water Award

1. Morro Bay Harbor Department, California USA

2. Hawaiian Fire Department Ocean Safety, Hawaii, USA

3. Lewis & Clark County Sheriff Office, W.E.T & LCOA Teams

4. San Diego Lifeguard Service

2016 Everyday Heroes Award


2. Jim Penny, UK

3. Dion O'Leary, Australia

4. Kole Cramer, USA

5. Alyson Groassman and Erick Ramallo, USA

6. Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue, USA

2016 Alex Peabody Scholarship Award

2016 Partnership Awards

1. USCG Station Morro Bay, California USA

2. Morro Bay Harbor Department, California USA

3. Morro Bay Fire Department

2016 Appreciation Award

1. Tognazzini's Dockside

2. Morro Bay Oyster Company

3. City of Morro Bay, California


1. Jun Abe and Shimako Abe Japan

2. Fabio Annigoni, Italy

3. Ben Granata, UK

4. Antonio Mestre, Portugal

5. Takahiro Yoshimura, Japan

6. Hydro Turf – Mr. Arno Olbricht, USA

7. Lifesled – Mr. Gary Fisher, USA

8. Kawasaki Motors Corporation USA

9. Paul Schulte – Schulte Family Foundation, USA

10. Marine Sports Foundation – Mr. Yoshi Sasakawa, Japan

11. Audrey Dalton – Phoenix Patriot Foundation

12. Tony Villegas & Darrin Isham - VETERAN Phoenix Patriot Band-PPF

13. Mina Desiderio – The Local San Diego, USA

14. Virgil Chambers – VETERAN- FLAG, USA

15. David & Donna Pu’u-USA

Wake of Fame Awards 2015 Inductees (40).jpg


1. Bob Phares – VETERAN – FLAG

2. Clayton Jacobsen II (Digital Award)

3. Brad Southworth – VETERAN – FLAG

4. Brenda Burns Chambers

5. Rusty Sharman

6. Cindy Lathrop – VETERAN – FLAG

7. Cliff Jones

8. Dave Sammons

9. Doug Silverstein

10. Ed Losinski – VETERAN – FLAG

11. Fred Tunstall VETERAN – FLAG

12. Glenn Bothwell

13. Jerry Richardson

14. John Silverstein

15. Larry Rippenkroeger

16. Robert Montgomery

17. Steve Stricklin

18. Tony Corry

19. Ralph Veedy (Posthumously) VETERAN- FLAG

20. Randy Laine

21. Bob McCord






1. Mr. Tetsuo Yoneda (Everyday Heroes) Japan


1. Mr. Don Curry (Everyday Heroes)

2. Mr. Ed Guzman (Everyday Heroes)

3. Mr. Doug Knutzen (Heavy Water)

4. Mr. Brad Southworth (Legacy-Father Father of PWC Rescue)

5. Mr. Russell Ord-Australia (Everyday Heroes)

6. Mr. Matthew Krizan-USA (Everyday Heroes)

7. Mr. Masayuiki Imazaki – Japan (Phoenix)

8. Mr. Eduardo Mendez – Washington USA (Heavy Water)

9. Mr. Will Green – Washington USA (Heavy Water)

K38 awarded inaugural recipients on the prestigious PWC boating safety commendations on October 7 2011 in Lake Havasu, Arizona, the award recipients are all follows:

K38 Phoenix - Mr. Masayuki Imazaki for the rescues of over 100 fellow Japanese citizens during the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami(東日本大震災, Higashi Nihon Daishinsai)

K38 Heavy Water Award to Doug Knutzen, Eduardo Mendez and Will Green for the recovery of Dale Ostrander, Washington

K38 Legacy to Brad Southworth 'The Founding Father of PWC Rescue'.

K38 Everyday Heroes to Don Curry and Ed Guzman for a rescue of 2 persons in the surfzone in Morro Bay, CA., and Matthew Krizan and Russell Ord for the rescue of Jacob Trette at the big wave surf location Mavericks in Pillar Point, CA.

In 2011, K38 Appreciation Awards went to Mr. David Tew, Mr. Russell Libby, Mr. Aaron Cress and Mr. Brian Largarticha for their unselfish support of others.

Everyday Heroes

1. Don Curry – California, USA

2. Ed Guzman – California, USA

3. Russell Ord – Margaret River, Australia

4. Matthew Krizan – California USA

Heavy Water

1. Doug Knutzen –Washington USA

2. Eduardo Mendez – Washington USA

3. Will Green – Washington USA


1. Masayuiki Imazaki – Miyagi, Japan


1. Brad Southworth – Montana, USA


There is a 7 part process for the Wake of Fame induction and committee membership. This is a voluntary group of respected individuals and professionals who invest in honoring their respective communities and those who created the legacies we intend to celebrate.

Nomination Process

1. Nominations

2. Screening

3. Committee Vote

4. Elections

5. Time of Election

6. Certificate of Election

7. Amendments (bylaws)


Charged with the vital task of preserving and documenting the international history of Personal Water Craft through iconic or noteworthy participants. Committee members are entrusted with the responsibility to define and nominate worthy selectees.

To participate as a Committee selector participant; Membership is based off of induction into the Wake of Fame as a ‘voting’ member or other highly recognized community participation by their individual contributions.

Committee members must have 30 years of experience or more in the Personal Water Craft community and 15 in the Rescue Water Craft community. Detailed biographies are reviewed and investigated for veracity and authenticity.

 PWC community: Up to a ten member volunteer committee

 RWC community: Up to a ten member volunteer committee

Once submissions are required, a list is compiled of nominees for the respective categories. The committee works quietly on the selection process with assigned duties and tasks.

Votes are narrowed down through the selection process through debate and investigation based on eligibility.

Significant affirmative votes are part of the selection process.

The winning nominees, if they accept their induction, must submit a response letter regarding their acceptance or voluntarily attend the Wake of Fame ceremony. If a nominee rejects their induction, the Wake of Fame inducts the next highest vote recipient off the official voting list. If a nominee declines their induction for two consecutive years without a legitimate reason, the nominee will not be eligible for the ballot for another five years.


Wake of Fame candidates are highly scrutinized. A supporter of the Personal Water Craft community or fan may nominate any qualified person who falls under the categories outline in the By Laws of the Wake of Fame nomination process.

Each nominee will be processed according to a completed nomination form that is fact checked for veracity.

It is important that all submissions are completed with the required data to be selected. Indeed only the true elite are inducted into the Wake of Fame.


Committee members are voted on by oversight through the Wake of Fame Chairperson whom investigates the backgrounds of nominees for committee participation. The Chairperson then presents the background information and the present committee members approve by concuss of 85% vote for inclusion. Committee members are volunteers who will support for a one year tenure with no compensation and are expected to uphold the integrity and values of the spirit of the rules and protect them throughout the processes of investigation, nomination and voting.

Committee members may leave at anytime by submitting a letter of resignation noting the reasons for departure.

Committee members are to be unbiased in their views and opinion and based on the facts supplied make the best choices for the preservation of historical dialogue and accuracy.

Members must participate through the voting process via internet submission and must be present at key monthly meetings online by checking in on the group program page, using the downloadable files and represented data for review.


Voting shall be based upon the criteria laid out for each nominee category and any submitted or available records or documentation regarding performance, integrity, sportsmanship, character, ability, and other contributions of which the nominee candidate was being screened for.


Elections are conducted through two processes. Either by committee selection by ballot, or through various committee commissions with written submission forms.

Some years categories may not have any nominations if there are no worthy contributors for the category selection.


The results of the election shall be certified by a representative of Kanalu K38 and/or the Wake of Fame committee. The results shall be transmitted to the Personal Water Craft community, its associates, affiliates and supporters and shall jointly release the results for publication and release.

The award recipients shall receive a written letter, digital certificate, internet profile and data sheet covering their biography and background participation. A select few nominees she receive an award at a pre-determined awards ceremony.


The committee duly authorized representative of the Wake of Fame Awards shall prepare, date and submit ballots to each elector during the latter part of November.

The elector shall sign and return the completed ballot no later than December 31st of each year. The final tabulated vote shall then be duly authorized by the Wake of Fame representative.

Those selected will received a digital and/or printed document of their certification of election as an official inductee into the Wake of Fame awards. Committee members receive a Certificate of Participation listing them as a historian or committee member.


Each nomination cycle is proposed to qualified members to propose no more than 10 eligible and noteworthy representatives of the Personal Water Craft community whom are worthy of Wake of Fame honors. To be enshrined a nominee must have a 75% or more of the voters ballots.

Nominees are removed from the ballot if they fail to be recognized with 10% of the vote or 10 times without being elected. Policy changes may apply annually.

WAKE OF FAME - Veterans & Safety Committee

A group of Hall of Fame members and other personal water craft veterans charged with induction of persons who were not voted in by the WOF committee; representative of safety and community contributions and or values.

INDUCTION for Wake of Fame To qualify for the ballot a 1st Generation Personal Water Craft nominee must have made a significant contribution through participation, design, manufacturing or competition leading up to the year 1979.

To qualify for a Rescue Water Craft award, all nominations must follow the guidelines set forth in the nomination document. No incomplete submissions will be accepted.


The Board of Directors and or/committee members representing the Wake of Fame awards reserves the rights to amend, revoke or alter these rules at any time.


Kanalu is a 501c(3) non-profit organization for the express purpose of cultural education. Through this organization we provide workshops and courses for history, hands on cultural practices, and water safety/boating/personal watercraft instruction that includes professional certification upon satisfactory completion. We provide water safety for events and productions. Kanalu - K38’s outreach programs include:

1. Wake of Fame Awards

2. The History of Jet Skis

3. The History of Rescue Water Craft

4. Rescue Water Craft Association


 A nomination is sent to the Wake of Fame Chairman and committee membership.

 If it is complete, it is processed. These nominations are accompanied by detailed information about the nominee and his or her accomplishments.

 The committee organizes the data and presents a voting system based off the criteria

 Votes go through several rounds and are noted

 The finalists under the categories are selected

 The Chairman or represented committee members sends notice of the nomination to the nominee

 The Chairman or represented committee members indicates to the nominee what information is available at this point

 The nominee returns a notice of acceptance to the Chairman or committee membership, accepting or declining nomination

 If the nominee accepts nomination, the completed form affirms WOF induction at the allocated time and location with the details therein

 The nominee understands that there will be social media mention of their accomplishments using video, text and photo documentation

 Additional documentation provided by the nominee for preservation online

 Nominees who have confirmed their status will receive information on travel, location of event, and what their role and responsibilities are after submission documentation is complete and biographies are received and verified for accuracy

 If a nominee declines their nomination, the committee will refer to the nomination voting list and nominate the next nominee that was in line for induction

 Nominees that were on the voting list can be automatically furloughed to the next voting year as candidates permitting they match induction criteria